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Experiential Marketing

Energy Quest™

Energy Quest™ is a fully interactive 40-minute, technology-based program that transforms students in grades 6–8 into home-energy investigators. Students move through an inflatable home located in their gymnasium, open field, or play courts and use visual cues to locate areas where electricity, water, or gas is being used. Students are provided with a tablet and earphones and interact with an augmented reality component of the experience to test their knowledge and learn about better energy-conservation methods. Through this program, the energy company aims to provide students with real-world examples of how they can be more conscious of their daily energy use and encourages positive energy behaviors. It connects the brand with the next generation of energy users in a memorable way.

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Event Management & Event Strategy & Event Production

The Phoenix – LIVE Music Event

Non-profit The Phoenix was looking to launch a new “music” themed initiative and host an invite-only concert in Denver, CO for donors, industry leaders and partners. The Phoenix, which supports a community of over 130k people across America struggling to rise above addiction, tapped Motus Experiential to partner with their Agency of Record, Elevate Communications. They were looking for Motus to handle all the event logistical elements surrounding a live music experience. Motus Experiential became a trusted partner to work with the client’s marketing and business development teams to handle the overall event strategy, program production, venue relations, musician relations, on-site registration, vendors, and onsite management. The overall goal of the program was to raise awareness of a new partnership with Send Me a Friend, raise funds, recruit volunteers, and build on the relationship with current donors.

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Meetings and Conferences

Ad Club Boston: Women’s Leadership Conference

The Ad Club hired us to help manage their signature event of the year, the 2019 Women’s Leadership Conference at the Seaport World Trade Center. Our team handled strategic planning, budgets, stage production, venue relations, along with outside vendors.

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Guerrilla Marketing & Street Teams

One of the most targeted experiential marketing strategies is guerilla marketing or street teams. The strategy of street teams is to deploy brand ambassadors in select towns or communities for the purpose of distributing marketing materials to a specified audience in the community where they work or live. Motus Experiential has years of experience working to align a brand’s marketing strategy with this strategic type of marketing, and has worked with the likes of Blue Man Group, Lyric Stage, and RCN, to name a few.

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Brand Activation

Branded activation allows a brand to achieve many marketing goals from lead generation, to product trial, and hospitality. The brand can grow its reach, increase its bottom line, and differentiate itself from its competitors – all through sponsorship. The main purpose of brand awareness is to generate preference in the mind of the consumer and increase customer loyalty as well as brand awareness. Most importantly, it provides direct contact with a room full of relatively warm leads.

Motus Experiential has extensive experience creating custom brand activations, as well as managing and implementing activations for clients across a wide variety of industries.

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Virtual Events & Hybrid Events

BranchFood: Food Edge Conference 2022

We partnered with Branchfood to help its founder identify a business growth strategy, new business opportunities, and partnerships. We also co-founded Food Edge, a first-of-it’s-kind annual summit bringing together the food industry’s largest brands alongside startups and industry innovators. We worked with Brandfood to oversee everything from marketing, logistics, P&L and event strategy.

Food Edge Conference is a three day thought leadership program powered by Branchfood and Motus Experiential. This B2B food event brings the hottest trends in both technology and sustainability to medium and large food companies. Through this program, Branchfood aims to congregate the industry’s largest brands, dynamic startups, disruptive leaders, and leading researchers to discuss the future of food and explore trends, strategies, and actionable insights to help industry stakeholders succeed. Launched as an in-person conference in 2018 and pivoting to online in 2020 due to COVID, in 2022 we took a hybrid production approach to extend our audience reach and build on the positive attributes an in-person event provides.

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Edutainment delivers specific educational content to a targeted audience in a fun, age appropriate, interactive, and memorable way. Below are examples of original edutainment programs focused on energy conservation and efficiency messaging to young students, and the next generation energy consumer.

We are currently running multiple activations for a long-time energy supply client focused around conservation programs dedicated to engaging and educating K-12 students at home on the importance of saving energy through positive energy behaviors and purchasing energy-efficient technologies. By engaging future energy customers at an early age, our client hopes to instill in them an energy-efficient ethic which helps students reduce their overall energy usage at home and school, and to bring home useful tips and information to their families. Focusing on students, helps our energy client target their audience by town, as there are multiple suppliers across the state.

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