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Experiential Marketing

It’s the foundation of what we do at Motus Experiential. Everything is customizable based on our client’s strategy — from planning of on-site activations ranging from hand-to-hand marketing to touring. Experiential is all about helping to create an emotional connection between your brand and target consumer.

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Event Management, Strategy & Production

We have experience producing in-person events and festivals as well as designing, executing, managing and staffing everything from large scale conferences and live music events, to smaller trade show experiences. Our events clients span numerous industries, and we produce events in our own backyard as well as across the country. Motus Experiential has the experience, knowledge, relationships and capabilities to deliver memorable in-person experiences.

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Virtual & Hybrid Events

As consumers have become more fluent and comfortable in digital spaces, the demand for virtual events have increased exponentially. In a post-pandemic world, a hybrid event model allows participants to interact with your brand regardless of geo-location or scheduling limitations. Our team is savvy on the complexities of hosting the perfect blend of physical and virtual programming for a seamless experience.

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Meetings and Conferences

Even with the rise of digital, nothing compares to a live meeting or conference. Whether it’s a small or large conference or a product launch, hands-on training or a targeted session, Motus Experiential can help you deliver critical take-aways that ensures your message lives on.

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Guerilla marketing

Guerrilla Marketing & Street Teams

We create unconventional and creative activations that garner maximum exposure with minimum expense. While most guerilla marketing or street team initiatives are quick sprints, they are disruptive and resonate with a targeted audience. 

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Brand Activation

Need help negotiating sponsorships and creating your onsite brand activation? Motus Experiential has been on both sides of the sponsorship table and can help find the right opportunities to reach targeted audiences at the right value.

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Edutainment delivers specific educational content to a targeted audience in a fun, age-appropriate, interactive, and memorable way. It’s a tool that encourages personalized learning and is the catalyst for retention. Our team is accomplished at concepting and designing edutainment experiences that incorporate a variety of media resulting in a modular activation that fits your brand’s goals.

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