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Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing is the foundation of what we do at Motus Experiential. This approach is all about helping to create an emotional connection between your brand and the target consumer. Check out this great example of how we helped an energy provider educate its customers.

Energy Quest™

Energy Quest™ is a fully interactive 40-minute, technology-based program that transforms students in grades 6–8 into home-energy investigators. During the activity, students move through an inflatable home that can be located in their gymnasium, an open field, or play courts. While inside the home, students use visual cues to locate areas where electricity, water, or gas is being used.

During the activity, students are provided with a tablet and earphones. They interact with an augmented reality component of the experience to test their knowledge and learn about better energy-conservation methods.

With this program, the energy company provides students with real-world examples of how they can be more conscious of their daily energy use. The program also encourages positive energy behaviors. Overall, the activity connects the brand with the next generation of energy users in a memorable way.

Edutainment at its Finest

In 2018 an energy company approached Motus Experiential to help come up with a brand activation that would engage middle-school-aged students. Their goal was to educate the next generation of energy consumers on the importance of positive energy behaviors. They also wanted to highlight the benefits of purchasing energy-efficient technologies. The activation strategy would need to promote overall brand exposure and community connection with an entertaining, interactive outreach program.

The campaign was particularly designed to reach consumers at an early age to help to promote energy-efficient ideas. It aids students in reducing their overall energy usage at home and at school. It also allows them to bring home useful tips and information to their families. The program aligns with Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Next Generation Science Standards for Math and Language Arts (NGSS). It also emphasizes the importance of ENERGY STAR®-qualified products, general electrical and natural gas safety information.

Students Became Home Energy Auditors

Many states offer major discounts on energy-saving products such as light bulbs, insulation, smart power strips, and more if you schedule an appointment with a home energy auditor. The auditor evaluates a consumer’s home and makes recommendations on how to make it more energy efficient. In an effort to bring that experience into the education system, we created a custom inflatable home that had the flexibility to be brought into schools or out into the community.

We partnered with the inflatable company I2K and discussed the idea to create a custom inflatable home that could deliver on the home audit idea. With “targets” on the walls that students could find and learn energy conservation messages, the students become home auditors themselves. The inflatable would be large enough for 40 students to be able to fit into at one time.

Technology Brings Inflatable to Life

Technology partner Elation Digital, helped us to create a web-based experience, allowing students to use IPADS in the inflatable house. These are used to scan the targets, participate in Q&A, and deliver an educational message via video or audio. Using this custom technology allows the experience to become a self-guided competition between the students. After answering their questions, students receive points. In the end, the host can award the top 3-winners per program.

To promote participation and enhance the brand experience, the top 3 winners receive an Amazon gift card per class. And, all participants will receive a branded backpack, branded earphones, and additional promotional materials for mom and dad.

Tailored Curriculum

Motus Experiential worked with the NEED Project to align the targets, curriculum, and host script to grade level. The mission of the NEED Project is to promote an energy-conscious and educated society by creating networks of students, educators, and business, government, and community leaders. These networks design and deliver objective, multi-sided energy education programs. Our team created content for 19 targets in 6 rooms ranging from insulation, lighting, water, energy star, and more. Rooms in the house include the front of the home, attic, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and basement. All targets were printed on vinyl panels, which allows for potential updates to be applied. On top of the target content, Motus Experiential worked with NEED to create supporting materials to be sent to teachers in advance and a pre/post survey to help evaluate impact.

Since launching in 2019, Motus Experiential has managed all aspects of the program, from outreach through execution. Our team has activated over 400 in-person programs in 200+ schools in targeted towns. The program has earned an A+ rating from students and teachers in these schools. Energy Quest has educated over 6,000+ students and 250+ teachers on the importance of energy conservation.


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