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Brand Activation

Branded activation and sponsorships allow a brand to achieve their marketing goals without having to do excessive work. With sponsorships, a brand can grow its reach and differentiate itself from its competitors.

The main purpose of brand awareness is to increase customer loyalty. Most importantly, it provides direct contact with a room full of relatively warm leads.

Motus Experiential has extensive experience in identifying sponsorship opportunities. Furthermore, our skills extend to managing, implementing, and creating activations for events across a wide variety of industries. We take care of the production, storage, and set-up of all event assets.

Citizens Sponsorship Activation
AT&T Sponsorship Activation

Citizens: Sponsorship Activations

Citizens made the decision to enhance their traditional advertising strategy with sponsorship activations in key markets of Boston, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Connecticut. They reached out to Motus Experiential looking for two services to help with their strategy. First, to ideate the onsite activation strategy and, second, to manage all onsite activities.

The goal of the activation was to have an onsite brand presence for event attendees and hospitality for top clients. We also provided local branch members a way to interact with current and potential customers. After reviewing the event schedule, the client selected an onsite photo activation strategy to be the centerpiece of the activation.

Photo Booth Activation

We worked with partner Super Booths to create a custom, branded, 6ft photo booth. The photo booth is vinyl wrapped in Citizens branding. Depending on the type of sponsorship activation, the booth is either located inside a Citizens tent or similar branded setting. Once in the space, branch employees are there to welcome consumers into the photo booth. Before the photo is taken, a short Citizens video runs.

The photo booth produces Citizens branded photos. Printed photos are then inserted in a branded lanyard and given to the event attendee. Using an IPAD, the branch employee asks the attendee if they would like a copy of the photo emailed to them. If the attendee chooses the digital version of the photo, they then provide their email address on the IPAD and the email is instantly sent using Photo Party. This allows the photos to be captured on the IPAD and emailed to the attendee.

We Take Care of the Heavy Lifting

In conjunction with the photo booth, Motus Experiential manages all the event activation assets. This includes storage, delivery, set up, and breakdown at all the scheduled events for the year. Additionally, we provide onsite branded games, branded giveaways, tents, a photo booth, branded signage, and more. Our team is tasked with transporting the events assets and setting up each activation. This makes it so that the Citizens team can manage other aspects of the event sponsorship including hospitality and press.

Post Event Reporting

When our team returns from each event, we unload the assets, add any new assets to our inventory list, and get ready for the next activation. Our team also provides Citizens with the total number of photos taken at the event and how many emails were sent out. Depending on the size of the event, we usually interact with hundreds of current and new customers via the photo booth. Once a week our team meets with Citizens to assess what went right and what went wrong. Additionally, we discuss what can be adjusted for the next activation.

AT&T: Sponsorship Activation

In 2012, AT&T tasked us with enhancing brand marketing at the annual Boston Women’s Conference. Motus Experiential set out to create a robust and interactive experience for conference participants. Our hope was that it would leave a lasting impression.

Our team created a mobile application and Twitter platform that served as a consistent brand presence. The Twitter feed was displayed on LCD screens around the conference, with a live stream of tweets featuring AT&T branding. An AT&T booth served as a home base for brand ambassadors. These ambassadors educated attendees on ways to interact with the brand throughout the conference.

The app created for the event allowed consumers to access all event information — from speakers, schedules, sponsors, and more. All the while, pushing notifications to the attendees about special activations available at the AT&T booth. We also held programming on how to use social media as a business tool. As well as another social-based programming to help the attendees learn more and advance their careers.

Overall, the sponsorship activation boosted AT&T consumer engagement for potential sales and upgrades. It also far exceeded the brand presence of any other sponsor at the conference.


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